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What they say…

“Poptastic is brilliant! Perform-
ing in it was an amazing experience!”
David Hinton, Cambridge

“Our production of Poptastic was completely awesome!”
Stephanie Niven, Southampton

“We are still singing the songs – six months after the show!!”
Lenny, Camberwell

Daniel Fenn plays Poptastic in the Christ Church South Croudon production of the hit children's musical
Daniel Fenn plays Poptastic in the Christ Church School production, South Croydon








Meet the characters from the children's large-cast musical Poptastic

Poptastic has a wonderful cast of colourful, off-beat characters that children love and never fail to win over audiences of all ages.

There are plenty of speaking and singing parts, giving everyone an opportunity to get involved and shine.

This large cast musical includes the following characters:

Charlie Fosdyke
More than anything, Charlie wants to be a pop star. There is just one problem - she can’t play a note of music and has a voice like a strangled parrot. Then one day, an extraordinary thing happens, something that will change her life, and the lives of her friends at Heathtown School, forever.

Pop Tastic
The great man himself, the spirit of pop. He's the inspiration behind every Number One hit there’s ever been. He lives in an old juke box that Charlie’s uncle bought from an auction. It now sits in a corner of Charlie’s bedroom...!

THE DREAMBOATS - Charlie’s band
  Minty - lead guitarist
  Tombo - bass player
  Pete - the drummer
  Will - lead guitar

LIP GLOSS - girl backing group to the Dreamboats

A cooler than cool soul singing group. These dudes "make Smokey Robinson sound like a Country and Western singer from Milton Keynes".

Band members:
  Marmaduke Wilson - lead singer
  Troy Crooner
  Clarence Tokeworthy

All-girl band, disco divas. Dress in high-tech silver disco gear.

SNAKE OIL - Punk band, consisting of:
Dressed all in black, a safety pin through his nose, bright green spiky hair, and big knobbly boots. Bit of a rat, sorry, correction, an absolute rat. And…
Girl punk rocker, and Crotchet’s pal. Bright blue hair.

Godfrey Tunemangler
Pop impresario and manager who signs up Charlie, and sets her on the path to fame, fortune and, well, a whole load of trouble. Wears camel hair coat, suit with waistcoat, dark open neck shirt, large gold medallion, white shoes.

Mr(s) Carmichael
Headmaster (or Headmistress) of Heathtown Junior School. Advocate of sitting up straight, the maintenance of absolute silence, and inspiration behind the school motto - Septum Mutilatus Unemployato Ad Finitum (“Always remove the nose ring before the job interview”).

Miss Chimebar
The school’s enthusiastic music teacher who inspires the children to achieve great things.

The Roadies
The lads/girls who move the gear when the band is on tour. Black tee-shirts, blue denims, trainers. The tee-shirts are printed in big white capitals “ROADIE”, just in case they forget who they are, and what they are supposed to be doing. Which happens quite often.

Aubrey Pollocks
Producer of the BBC tv programme Starmaker, the famous children’s’ pop talent show.

Spangly Moonshine
Big name female DJ and pop pundit.

Baloney Tackburn
Another big name DJ and pop pundit, a chap.

Bowie Zall
Top of the Pops front person.

Spick and Span
Tunemangler’s two henchmen, with dark suits and shades - immaculate. What do you expect?

Charlie’s mum

Two Clapometer score girls

Uniformed security guards
For Starmaker programme transmission

Several BBC TV Technicians
Dressed in black, with headphones and clipboards


'The ideal large cast school musical'

With a large cast of wonderful characters, great songs and a story children of all ages can relate to, Poptastic! is a guaranteed hit musical for your school or drama group - suitable for age 7 to 16.

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“A proven large cast children's musical that enables young performers to shine and delights audiences wherever it is performed.”

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The children and audience loved Poptastic! It's a fantastic show. The songs are wonderful!”

Philip Reeve, Buckingham