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What they say…

“Poptastic is brilliant! Perform-
ing in it was an amazing experience!”
David Hinton, Cambridge

“Our production of Poptastic was completely awesome!”
Stephanie Niven, Southampton

“We are still singing the songs – six months after the show!!”
Lenny, Camberwell

Daniel Fenn plays Poptastic in the Christ Church South Croudon production of the hit children's musical
Daniel Fenn plays Poptastic in the Christ Church School production, South Croydon








Godfrey Tunemangler, Spick and Span 

Put on Poptastic at your school or drama group - and wow them every time!

Poptastic is an exciting, funny, feel-good children's musical based on a school talent show.

It has a great story that children can relate to, and is packed with fabulous, vibrant songs that will have you and your cast singing, humming and whistling the tunes long after the last standing ovation and curtain call!

The script and score are now available, enabling you to put on a successful production at your school or children's theatre group.

Every year, hundreds of successful productions are staged across the UK and English speaking world.

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If you are looking for a tried-and-trusted school production guaranteed to raise the roof every time, Poptastic! is the perfect show.

It captures the excitement of a talent show combined with the story of a young wannabe pop star.

The show's colourful characters, dramatic moments and stunning set pieces provide lots of opportunities for young talent to shine.

There are plenty of solo singing and speaking parts plus chorus numbers and ensemble.

It is proven in performance and suitable for groups of all levels and abilities.

94% of people visiting our site request a perusal copy of Poptastic - the musical. Request a perusal copy.

Junior version available

It is suitable for performance by children from 7 to 18 years, with a Junior version available.

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“A proven show that enables young performers to shine and delights audiences wherever it is performed.”

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