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What they say…

“Poptastic is brilliant! Perform-
ing in it was an amazing experience!”
David Hinton, Cambridge

“Our production of Poptastic was completely awesome!”
Stephanie Niven, Southampton

“We are still singing the songs – six months after the show!!”
Lenny, Camberwell

Daniel Fenn plays Poptastic in the Christ Church South Croudon production of the hit children's musical
Daniel Fenn plays Poptastic in the Christ Church School production, South Croydon








The Cherry Pop Starts - from a production of Poptastic the Musical

Feedback on Poptastic:

Comments from children, directors and audience members - following a production of Poptastic

“We have just finished our production of “Poptastic”. I want you to know how very much our kids loved this show. It was also very well received by our audience. On the strength of it, we are looking at your musical “Dazzle!” for our production next Spring. Thank you again for a great show.”

Ruth Anderson, Birghton, Colorado, USA

"Poptastic was a truly magical show. The children loved every minute of it, from rehearsing to performing the show.

"Fabulous songs and a story that all the children could relate to. Thank you."

Sarah Tanner, Straits Primary School, Dudley

“Our production of Poptastic surpassed all our expectations.

“When my teachers asked for the funds to stage Poptastic, I was a bit hesitant as it was more than we originally budgeted.

“However, the quality of the songs, music and script was so good - it inspired the children, and they pulled off a quite brilliant performance.

“The girl who played the punk rocker, Crotchet, blew everyone away, revealing a talent for performance that we hadn't seen before.

"Overall, Poptastic is a great show and we loved it. We will be looking to use more Limelight shows in future."

John Belshire, headteacher, Preesall Fleetwood's Charity School, Lancs

"Our production of Poptastic was fantastic!

"The children and adults loved the upbeat songs and the humour - and the parallels of the story with with X-Factor and The Voice!"

Michelle Banks, South Walney Junior School, Barrow

"The show was a huge success and we were able to find parts for all 34 children in the class - something we had struggled to do.

"The children really enjoyed the story and the performance. The audience clapped, cheered and stamped their feet at the end of the show.

"You could clearly see the children on stage were so proud of themselves and of each other."

Rob Golding, headteacher, Neston Primary School, Cheshire

Poptastic is a lively, modern musical that is fun for children and audiences alike.

"We had a great time rehearsing and performing the songs. The music is great and everyone went out humming at least one tune – even my five year old daughter!”

Gail Lowe, principal, Phoenix Creative Arts, Dorking, Surrey

"Poptastic was a huge success. It went down well with parents and children, because of the fresh storyline and its host of catchy tunes.

"After a lot of work, the final result was exceptional.

"We added a twist, as we had identical twin girls playing the lead role of Charlie.

"This made it more manageable and no one in the audience (except their Mum and Dad) noticed the switch.

"The audience certainly got value for money. Poptastic is not only full of great songs but also humour, and sections which really make you think about your attitudes and how we react to people’s success and failure.

"A happy, memorable and thought-provoking show. Thank you for all your help."

Pat Mullins, head teacher, Woodstone Community Primary School, Leicester

“Our performance of Poptastic was fantastic!

"It was quite an ambitious production for us, but the children enjoyed the drama and songs so much that they didn't have any problem in learning and delivering their lines.

"The story, about a bunch of young wannabe pop stars, appealed to everyone.

"The response from the audience was the best we have ever had.

"All in all, Poptastic is a fabulous show for schools and youth drama groups.

"We are now looking for our next Christmas and summer performances. We will definitely use your shows again."

Gill Collier, head teacher, Bryn St Peter’s CE Primary School, Wigan

“Poptastic was wonderful. Performing in it has really made me feel confident about myself. The songs were great and made the show so exciting.”

Ariana, age 11, who played Poptastic at Park School, Bournemouth

“I played the head teacher Mr Carmichael in Poptastic. It's a great part as he has some funny lines and some serious ones. All the parts were exciting and funny. Poptastic is an amazing show.”

Jake, age 11, from Park School, Bournemouth  

"Our production of Poptastic was brilliant. It was a great musical to display the wonderful singing and acting talent of our young people."

Sue Pyman, Deputy Head, St Augustine Webster Catholic Academy, Scunthorpe

"The parents were completely blown away - what a fantastic night!

"Thank you for such an inspirational script. The songs are fantastic. The children rose to the occasion and performed spectacularly.

"It was a privelege to perform. Please keep us up to date on any new scripts in the future."

Cathy Smith, head of Year 6, Stoke Mandeville Combined School

“Rehearsals for Poptastic are now in full swing. It has been the most enthusiatic response to a production ever!

C Garner, Edenfield Primary School, Bury

“We've read through the script of Poptastic with the children and they LOVE it!! We start rehearsals this week - let the fun begin!!”

Charlotte Rampling, Highfield Junior School, Bromley

“Poptastic is a great show."

Sue Scott Davison, (Professional director and producer of award-winning children's play, "The Railway Children")

Poptastic is a fantastic show.

"The story, about a bunch of wannabee pop stars chasing fame and glory, is great and very funny. The kids absolutely loved it.

"There are lots of parts so everyone can get involved. The music is fabulous, with a big variety of song styles that makes it fun to play and perform.

"Our audiences said it was one of the best productions we had ever staged. The sorts of comments we received were… 'marvellous', 'energetic', 'entertaining', 'enthusiastic', 'best show', 'loved seeing so many pupils involved and enjoying themselves'….”

Jane Smale, Highworth Warneford School, Swindon, Wilts

Poptastic is brilliant. The show’s storyline, with Charlie as a wannabe pop star, is something the children could relate to.

"The story, the music, the characters - are fantastic!"

Becky Wilson, Wansdyke Community School, Wiltshire

“Poptastic rocks! Thanks so much for a wonderful, inspirational musical!” 

   Penny Graham, music teacher, Kensington

“It is an exciting, colourful, poptastic show! One of the parents made a juke box from an old wardrobe and we borrowed a smoke machine and disco ball for effect! The audience loved it!" 

   P Hilton-Graham, Plymouth

“It's a great script - a really fun and witty piece for kids.” 

   Mandy Morrish, Lakenheath Amateur Dramatics Society

“Wow, what a marvellous show! We pulled out all the stops on this one - and blew them away!!” 

   Motty Kent, Telford

"Poptastic - great songs we will remember always."

   Fay Bayliss, producer and director, Edinburgh

“We were able to get all 60 of our Year 6 and 5 children on stage taking part. The children loved the songs, and the whole experience!”

   Paul Withams, St Andrew's CofE Primary School, Uxbridge

“Due to the combination of the show and the children we were working with, this was the least stressful school productions we have ever done!."
   Paul Withams, St Andrew's CofE Primary School, Uxbridge

“The children and parents loved Poptastic. The unanimous view was -‘The best show we’ve ever done!’"

    Kay Pitmann, Cambridge

“It was great to have individual band parts available - especially for me, the drum part."

   John Tate, King's Lynn

"Our production of Poptastic was fantastic. My mum and dad - and all my friends just couldn't believe it!"

   Jane Stainethorpe, Manchester

 “Thank you for a fabi-doso show!”

   Katy Jones, Salfords, Surrey

“Thank you for a marvellous, happy show. Poptastic is the best children's musical we have put on.”

   David Hector, teacher, Shelton

“Our production of Poptastic was the best time ever.”

   Denise K, Fulham, London

“Just love the songs from Poptastic. We are driving everyone mad singing them!”

   Josy Park, Merry Hill, Birmingham

“Excellent show. I am going for a big part next year.”

   Craig Taplow, Liverpool

“More please, Mr Bailey. Andrew Lloyd-Webber, watch out!”

   Beth Harvey, Oxford, UK

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“A tried and trusted show that children love to perform and delights audiences wherever it is staged.”

“If a show fails to deliver, we will refund the purchase price in full.”

singing its praises

It's a great script. Poptastic is a really fun and witty piece for kids.”

Mandy Morrish, Lakenheath Amateur Dramatics Society