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What they say…

“Poptastic is brilliant! Perform-
ing in it was an amazing experience!”
David Hinton, Cambridge

“Our production of Poptastic was completely awesome!”
Stephanie Niven, Southampton

“We are still singing the songs – six months after the show!!”
Lenny, Camberwell

Daniel Fenn plays Poptastic in the Christ Church South Croudon production of the hit children's musical
Daniel Fenn plays Poptastic in the Christ Church School production, South Croydon








From Park Hill School, Bournemouth, production of Poptastic

Listen to the fabulous songs from children's musical Poptastic!

Children of all ages love the funny, catchy, toe-tapping songs from Poptastic!

Click on the songs below to hear a taste of the music.


1. Overture

The Poptastic Band

1. Room enough for everyone

Whole cast

2. All I need is a song 


3. Poptastic

Poptastic and the Lipgloss Dreamboats

4. The Roadies Song 

The Roadies

5. I see the sun go shinin' 

The Soulful Sherbet Lemons

6.  You're always on the phone

The Cherry Pop Tarts

7. Seismic shudder 

Snake Oil

8. Shooting star 



9. I'm a rich man 

Godfrey Tunemangler

10. Goodbye Charlie 

Godfrey Tunemangler, Spick and Span and Chorus

11. Zero to Hero

Babs (the singer previously known as Charlie)

12. I came along 

Poptastic and Lipgloss Dreamboats

13. Once upon a time 


14. Clock strikes eleven 


15. I never left your side 


16. Together

Whole cast


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“A tried-and-trusted musical that children love performing, that delights audiences and raises the roof wherever it is produced."